How curved fold origami tessellations are made

How curved fold origami tessellations are made

There are many kinds of origami tessellations. Some tessellations are entirely flat, some are 3-dimensional. Only some of the tessellations are made in the way that they don’t have a single straight line in their crease pattern. It may be not clear how to fold this kind of origami. Here are some examples of curved-folded origami tessellations:

I know it’s hard to believe that it’s only paper. That’s why I made this video, showing how the flat sheet of paper turns into beautiful origami tessellation.

It is not square and it is pre-creased. I would post another article about pre-creasing soon. But even then you need some magic skill to collapse the tessellation.

6 Replies to “How curved fold origami tessellations are made”

  1. I definitely enjoyed the video! I like the BGM as well.. there are certainly different styles of tessellations.

  2. Amazing! Thank you for the video of the magic (skills ;)) here! If you did not use any swearing during the process, my respect is up to the sky :)). Seriously, now I want to touch it!

    1. No swearing. I rarely swear with tessellations, only with some modulars. Creation assumes that there’s a chance the pattern won’t work at all…
      You will have to visit CA to touch them 🙂

  3. Oh! That’s so pretty!!!! What kind of paper is that? I’m starting in the origami world and I’m loving you designs!!!

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