Cutting machines FAQ in The Fold

Cutting machines FAQ in The Fold

Cnc-cutter used for origami.
Silhouette Cameo cnc-cutter

Here is my quick FAQ about cutting machines published in The Fold. By cutting machines I mean the ones you can use for origami, of course.

A lot of things have actually changed since I wrote that. And now I know some more things that cause confusion, because since then I bought a second cutter. And choosing a new cutter raised a lot of new questions in my head. As well as configuring a new cutter.

If you have any unanswered questions, please ask in comments here. So when I make my next article on the topic, I could answer those.

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  1. I’ve had mixed results with scoring using a Silhouette Portrait and various tools such as dried-out ballpoints and embossing tools with both homemade and purchased pen holders. Is there anything special you’re doing with the pen, mat or paper?

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